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 21 September 2021

  • 08:00-09:00

    Participant registration
    Snack for registered participants

  • 09:00-10:00

    Press Room – Ground Floor


    Presenter: Monika Suder – Journalist


    Jakub Mazur – Vice president of the city of Wrocław

    Patrick T. Slowinski – General Consul of the United States Consulate in Cracow

    Krzysztof Drynda – Chairman of the Board – Polska Agencja Inwestycji i Handlu S.A.

    Fabrizio Bosetti – CEO – Bosetti Global Consulting

    Monika Ciesielska-Mróz – Wrocław branch Director – American Chamber of Commerce in Poland

    Paweł Pałubiński – General Manager – Collins Aerospace Wrocław

    Przemysław Bożek – Chairman of the Board – LSSE Legnica Special Economic Zone

    Paweł Kurtasz – Vice President – Wałbrzyska Special Economic Zone “INVEST – PARK”

    Simone Granella – Chairman of the Board – Confindustria Polonia

    Aldo Amati – Ambassador – Italian Embassy in Warsaw – Official Greetings Message

    Robert Ślawski – Director of Southwest Regional Corporate branch in Wrocław – PKO Bank Polski S.A.

    Prof. Dr. Edward Chlebus – Director of the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Systems – Fraunhofer Project Center (CAMT-FPC) – Wrocław University of Technology

  • 10:00-10:50

    Press Room – Ground Floor 


    Presentations: Aviation in Poland: challenges, problems, and perspectives for future development

    Subject: Both the civil and military Polish aviation industries can ensure Poland great development and production potential for the future. These industries should take advantage of their accomplishments to meet the challenges of the future and bring in measurable benefits for the country. The activity and development of Polish aviation should cover extensive cooperation of industrial plants, governmental science and research establishments, and academic centres and must be stimulated and supported by appropriate policies and actions of Polish legislative and administrative authorities.

    Presenter: Monika Suder – Journalist


    Wojciech Wasik – Chairman of the Board – Pratt & Whitney Kalisz and Member of the Board – Polish Aviation Industry Association

    Title: Aerospace industry: opportunities and threats

    Angelo Vallerani – Chairman – Lombardia Aerospace Cluster

    Title: Lombardia Aerospace Cluster: opportunities with the poland market

    Marco Lupo – Chairman – Leonardo Poland S.A.

    Title: Leonardo in Poland: Presence and Business Opportunities

    Petr Tomášek – Executive Director – Moravian Aerospace Cluster

    Title: Czech Aerospace Cluster: Polish-Czech Aerospace Cooperation

    Krzysztof Krystowski – Chairman of the Board – Silesian Aviation Cluster

    Title: Silesian Aviation Cluster and its role in supporting enterprises

    Jan Dolaniecki – Trade and Logistics Director – Central Military Bureau of Design & Technology

    Title: Finding ways to reduce costs and implementing ECO solutions for airlines

    Marcin Kuczkowski – Senior Manufacturing Staff Manager – GE Aviation

    Title: Challenges of the aviation industry supply chain in Poland

    Piotr Bujak – Director of Economic Analysis Department – PKO Bank Polski S.A.

    Title: Aerospace industry – key trends

    Marek Dras – Member of the Board– Union of employers in Defense and Aerospace

    Title: COVID-19 Pandemia Influence on the Polish Aeronautical Business

  • 10:50-11:40

    Press Room – Ground Floor 


    Discussion panel no. 1 under the auspices of Collins Aerospace 

    Title: Additive Manufacturing and aviation: a winning match

    Subject: Additive Manufacturing, a change in the paradigm, which is the foundation of the revolution referred to as Industry 4.0, continues to grow. In the aviation sector, this process concerns production of light and innovative structural components, which form and combine successive material layers and which would not be possible to make with traditional casting and moulding methods. The Additive Manufacturing revolution is having a radical impact on logistics as it reduces the costs of production. The ability to make aviation components internally with the Additive Manufacturing method may produce a new way to administer the logistics of replacement parts for both civil and military airplanes and helicopters. The most important aspects of this technological process include close cooperation between the companies operating in the industry and the administrators of armed and defensive forces, communication and information sharing with the leading research institutions and domestic and foreign universities of technology, and – something just as important – having the required certificates for both processes and products.

    Moderator: Anna Szewczyk – Global Engineering & Technology Center Director – Collins Aerospace Wrocław


    Tomasz Żochowski – EDC Additive Business Manager – GE Aviation

    Tomasz Kurzynowski – Director BADMAT Center – Wrocław University of Technology

    Krzysztof Marugi – R&D Manager – Avio Polska

    Aleksander Banaś – Head of the Technical Section – Polskie Zakłady Lotnicze Sp. z o.o.

    Dr. Mikołaj Jarkowski – Director of the Centre for Unmanned Technologies – Łukasiewicz Research Network – Aviation Institute

  • 11:40-12:30

    Discussion panel no. 2  – under the auspices of Pratt & Whitney 

    Title: Industry 4.0 and manufacturing innovations in aviation 

    Subject: Industry 4.0 is a revolution, which aims to radically transform the most important aviation production processes and focuses on key matters like robotics, automation, augmented reality, and Big Data management. This process is necessary due to the fact that the aviation industry is forced to speed up the pace of production in order to keep up with the growth of air traffic and the need to modernise existing aircraft. The investments will support digital transformation of production machinery and will help develop the additive & advanced manufacturing and logistics 4.0 technology platforms.

    Moderator: Jacek Połap – Wiceprezes ds. finansowych – Pratt & Whitney Kalisz S.A.


    Marcin Trajer – EDC European Turbine Airfoil Center Leader – GE Aviation

    Paweł Birecki – Head of Customer Business – Xeos sp. z o.o.

    Rafał Trzaska – Operational Manager – Bergman Engineering Sp. z o.o.

    Paolo Barbatelli – Chief Sales & Innovation Officer – Elettrotecnica Rold S.r.l.

    Bogdan Klapyta – Senior Operations Leadership Manager – Avio Polska

    Bartosz Hoder – IT Site Leader – Digital Factory – Avio Polska

    Jacek Reiner – Associate Professor of the Wrocław University of Technology – Head of the laboratory MVLAB

  • 12:30-13:30

    Lunch break

  • 13:30-14:00


    Official opening of the Aeromixer business meetings and showrooms

    Presenter: Monika Suder – Journalist

    Fabrizio Bosetti – CEO – Bosetti Global Consulting
    Paweł Pałubiński – General Manager – Collins Aerospace Wrocław

  • 13:45-15:30

    Press Room – Ground floor

    Discussion panel no. 3 – under the auspices of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology

    Title: New aviation projects and investments in Lower Silesia

    Topics: During the panel, we will have the opportunity to learn about new aviation investments and projects in and around Lower Silesia. We will be able to learn more about major projects such as the “Smart Factory” and the “Giga Tomograph” of the Wrocław University of Technology, about the new seat of the Coventry University in Wrocław (Aviation Management), about the new aviation engineering courses at the Wrocław University of Technology, about the Flaris LAR1 Metal Master – a 5-person jet manufactured in Jelenia Góra, which is currently undergoing S1 certification, about the opening of a drone airport, about the progress of the “Enterprising Wrocław 2030” strategy and the Vinci Power Nap project, and about numerous other interesting projects.

    Moderator: Prof. Edward Chlebus PhD – Director of the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies – Fraunhofer Project Centre (CAMT-FPC), Wrocław University of Technology


    Jacek Lewandowski – Campus Director – Coventry University

    Magdalena Filcek – Creator of the Vinci Power Nap®

    Rafał Ładziński – Chairman of the Board – Metal Master

    Emilia Mazgajczyk – Assistant Professor – Wrocław University of Technology – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Laser Technology, Automation and Product Organization

    Lt. Józef Ledzianowski – Dean of the Faculty of Management – General Tadeusz Kościuszko Military University of Land Forces


  • 14:00-18:00

    Aeromixer business meeting coordinator – Alessandro Saglio

    Rotation meeting sessions

    Bilateral and “B2B+” meeting sessions


  • 18:00-18:15

    Official closing of the Aeromixer business meetings and showrooms

    Enrico Ciullo – Civil & Military Aeromixer Coordinator

  • 18:15-20:00



    Official Opening and Presentation of Tomasz Pruchnicki Trio

    Presenter: Monika Suder Journalist

  • 20:00

    Official closing of the 2021 Civil & Military Aeromixer 

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    Participant Registration

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    Plenary Conference

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    Discussion Panel

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    Aeromixer Business Meetings
    – Rotating roundtable meetings
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    Banquet/Open Networking/Concert



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