One-day international networking meetings based on B2BSmartMixer®
software for companies of aviation suppliers and manufacturers

/ Aeromixer

An innovative information system supporting events
based on the model of rapid business meetings

Only the innovative software from Bosetti Global Consulting makes it possible to

  • plan multiple meetings without risk of repetition
  • link companies into thematic groups, increasing the number of successful individual meetings
  • organize 1to1 meeting reservations with “Key Participants” of the event

  • administer “personalised programmes” of meetings for different representatives of a company
  • generate before the event an individual programme for every participant with a detailed schedule of individual meetings (including both 1to1 and rotating roundtable meetings)
  • manage innovatively the foreign language variable and many other activities in which participants will be able to participate during the event


The idea of Aeromixer is based on the structure of “speed dating” – “quick dates”. This event brings together production and service companies from the aviation industry, both Polish and foreign, who want to present their company in order to establish strategic business contacts, thanks to which it will be possible to implement new projects and joint ventures, or new investments in Poland.



Original Equipment Manufacturer(s):
Manufacturers of helicopters, airplanes, and engines for airplanes/helicopters.

SUPPLIERS (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3)

Manufacturers of components, elements, and equipment for airplanes, helicopters, and engines for airplanes/helicopters as well as suppliers of related services (assembly, service/design of production lines, R&D etc.).

Institutions in the aviation industry

Legal entities with public capital participation (e.g. institutions that are part of the University of Science and Technology) being suppliers of products and/or services for OEMs and Suppliers (Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3).

New Entries

Companies with production facilities in Poland, at the stage of certification of products or services for the aviation industry or which intend to initiate certification procedures.

Public bodies

Legal entities with public capital participation other than those indicated in the category “Institutions”, i.e. public entities, local government, universities, chambers of commerce, aviation clusters, embassies and diplomatic missions etc.


You can take part in the Business Mixer online as well!


Rotating roundtables – participants in the rotating roundtable meetings will have the opportunity to talk most of all with representatives of OEMS, suppliers, institutions in the aviation industry and “New Entries” companies. Each table has space for 8 companies and 1 interpreter/moderator (PL/ENG). One meeting session will last altogether 16 minutes, during which each company will have 2 minutes to introduce itself. The interpreter will provide linguistic support on request of a company that indicates such a need. After each session ends, the participants will then move to the next table according to their “personalised” programme. Prior to the event, every participant will receive their own programme with a detailed schedule of individual meetings which will be generated by our innovative B2BSmartMixer® software.


1to1 meetings with prior reservation – participating in the event will be official delegations from OEMS and companies of great significance for the civil and military aviation industry, both in Poland in Europe, referred to as Key Participants. Delegations from these companies will be divided based on their branch and specialisation. Manufacturers and suppliers, as well as institutions participating in the event will be able to send their formal questions via the online platform based on the innovative B2BSmartMixer® software which will be made available by the organiser. An OEM company will have the right to accept or reject requests for meetings with them. A 1to1 meeting session will last 16 minutes. During meetings the organiser will ensure the presence of an English-Polish interpreter, if participants in the meeting indicate such a need. Prior to the event, every participant will receive their own programme with a detailed schedule of individual meetings.


Discussion panels will include the participation of representatives of bodies organising the event, companies, institutions as well as government authorities involved in the event. Participating also will be a delegation from Wrocław University of Science and Technology, consisting of engineering alumni, doctoral candidates, lecturers, and students in programmes directly related to the topic of the event.


Plenary session, during which representatives of bodies organising the event, public administrative bodies from the national, regional and local level, leading industrial groups (from Poland and abroad), institutions in the the civil and military aviation sector. The plenary session will be simultaneously interpreted into English and Polish.


Open Networking in which all participants who confirm their attendance will take part. During the networking session there will be an opportunity to deepen business contacts made at earlier stages of the event, to make new contacts, or simply to enjoy the attractions the organiser has arranged for participants.

 The future of Aviation: More Effective – Less Energy

Myślą przewodnią I-szej Edycji Aeromixer będzie efektywność energetyczna na poziomie procesów produkcji w odniesieniu do uwarunkowań, dotacji publicznych określonych przez Unię Europejską oraz sytuacji w Polsce (obowiązujących przepisów, itp.), ze szczególnym uwzględnieniem celów określonych w Flightpath 2050 oraz w Strategicznej Agendzie Badań i Innowacji (SRIA 2017 – challenge 3), takich jak: budowa silników bardziej efektywnych pod względem zużycia paliwa i emisji dwutlenku węgla do atmosfery, zmniejszenie poziomu hałasu, stosowanie biopaliwa, stosowanie produktów wytwarzanych z materiałów poddanych recyklingowi, itd.

The Partner Country of the 3rd edition of Civil & Military Aeromixer will be the CZECH REPUBLIC
represented by the Czech Aerospace Cluster.

The Partner Country of the 3rd edition of Civil & Military Aeromixer will be the CZECH REPUBLIC
represented by the Czech Aerospace Cluster.







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